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Hollander & Co. Conveyancing – Sale Process for the client…


  • Obtaining title search and plan, planning, council rates , building land tax, Vic roads and water rates certificate.
  • Preparation of an Owners Corporation Certificate (if required).
  • Preparation and review of Contract of Sale and section 32 statement and emailing a copy of the Contract of Sale and section 32 statement to the agent and sending hard copies also.
  • Perusing Transfer of Land and preparing Goods Statutory Declaration / Statement for residential land and forwarding these documents to client’s for signing and return.
  • Completing Discharge of Mortgage form (if required) and forwarding to client’s for signature and return.
  • Faxing signed discharge of mortgage to mortgagee in readiness for settlement (if required).
  • Checking Statement of Adjustments.
  • Booking in settlement with all parties.
  • Providing check details to the purchaser’s representative.
  • Attending settlement.
  • Reporting to client’s after settlement.
  • Preparing Notices of Disposition and forwarding to the relevant authorities.
  • All necessary attendances, correspondence, advice, photocopies required in the process are included.