Sale properties

Opening file, obtaining title search and plan, planning, council rates , building land tax, Vicroads and water rates certificates. Preparation and review of Contract of Sale and section 32 statement, emailing a copy of the Contract of Sale and section 32 statement to the agent and sending hard copies also. Perusing Transfer of Land and preparing Goods Statement and forwarding these documents to client/s for signing and return. Completing Discharge of Mortgage form and forward to client/s for signature and return. Faxing signed discharge of mortgage to mortgagee in readiness for settlement. Checking Statement of Adjustments. Booking in settlement with all parties. Providing check details to the purchaser’s representative. Attending settlement. Reporting to client’s after settlement. Preparing Notices of Disposition and forwarding to the relevant authorities. All necessary attendance, correspondences, advice and photocopies.

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