Hollander & Co. Conveyancing – Purchase process for the client…

    • Attending to searches and enquiries.
  • Review of contract.
  • Preparation of Transfer of Land and forwarding to client’s for signature.
  • Providing a copy of the Contract of sale and signed transfer of land to lender.
  • Preparation of Caveat and lodging at Land Titles Office (at client’s request – extra cost).
  • Forwarding signed Transfer of Land to vendor’s representative in readiness for settlement.
  • Preparing Statement of Adjustments and forwarding Statement of Adjustments to the vendor’s representative for their perusal.
  • Booking in settlement with all parties.
  • Arranging for settlement.
  • Reporting to client’s after settlement, preparing notices of acquisition and forwarding to relevant authorities.

All necessary attendances, correspondence, advice, photocopies required in the process are included.